Regular Dental Appointments Help Maintain a Very Healthy Smile


This is the end of the official parenting. Although you will never quit being the mother to your two daughters, after the next three months your youngest daughter will move to college and you and your husband will officially be empty nesters. You hope that you have done everything you can to set both girls up for their future. You have taken them to regular doctor appointments, you make sure that they visit the dental office for all of the necessary appointments, and you have tried to teach them the importance of routines like making their beds and staying caught up on the laundry. Now you will just sit back, wait for the phone calls, or the the texts, and hope that they make good decisions.

You cannot control all of their activities, but you have made a point of letting them know that they are still on your medical and dental plans. You have provided both girls with the names of dentists and doctors who are on your plan and have encouraged them to make and keep their regular appointments. Because they are both going to schools several hours from home, it really makes the most sense to see dentists and doctors that are close to their schools.

When Was the Last Time You Went to the Dentist?

Family dentistry offices help families make and keep their appointments, all in an effort to have the healthiest of smiles. From the first appointments of children when they are very young, through the recommendations for orthodontists and those required follow up visits, there are a number of dental services that can help you look your very best. Unfortunately, if you ever quit brushing and flossing or wearing your retainer after your braces have been removed you can lose a lot of ground quickly. For this reason, many dental offices and insurance companies offer incentives for families to encourage them to make and keep regular appointments.

Unfortunately, as many as 27% adults in the U.S. have untreated tooth decay, and 18.6% of children aged five to 19 years old have untreated dental caries. When you do not go to the dentist, your problems can multiply. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you do your best to help your children develop the best dental hygiene habits.

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