Make the Best Impression With a Great Smile


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You’re careful about what you eat and faithful at the gym. Your car is clean and polished, and your clothes make a statement about your professionalism and choices in life. You keep your hair nicely coiffed, and you always smell nice. You value making a good impression; but what impression are your teeth making? Do you have a healthy smile, and what are you doing about it if you don’t?

A recent American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey says that nearly all adults in the United States see a healthy smile as essential to social interaction, and about 96% of us are aware that healthy smiles make us more attractive to the opposite sex. Even more than that, another AACD survey found that over 50% of us believe that people’s smiles are what stay most attractive as they age.

If your smile isn’t optimal, you’re definitely not alone. Periodontal disease in some form or other is present in 74% of us; 20% of us have untreated cavities; and when asked if we’re concerned with how our teeth look, 32% of us say yes. It seems a lot of us are lacking the healthy smile we all want. And what about our kids?

Start simple

Surveys show that three out of four Americans don’t replace their toothbrushes as often as they should, and only 22% are flossing every day. These are basic steps to keeping a healthy smile, so make sure you’re doing them and teaching your kids to be faithful about them, too.

Start early

If you want your children to avoid ending up one of the 30 million who are missing all their teeth in one or both jaws, you can’t start too early. Dental health is as important as the health of any other part of the body; yet 25% of children at kindergarten age have never seen a dentist. Makes sure your kids, and you, are investing in a healthy smile with regular dental cleanings and checkups.

And while sports are great, 39% of dental injuries in kids occur playing sports: so get helmets and mouth guards to minimize risk. If an accident does occur, never delay getting your child to a dentist.

Start Asking

Even if you currently have excellent oral health, ask your dentist what more you and your children can do to maintain a healthy mouth and healthy smile. You want to avoid periodontal disease and keep making a good impression.

It may be that a tooth whitening service will help restore your healthy smile. Possibly some other kind of cosmetic treatment can improve your look. A dentist can also tell you how your food and drink habits, as well as your flossing and brushing, will affect your future smile.

A healthy smile says a lot about you; and you have a say in the health of that smile! Don’t be like the average American who waits three years before each dental appointment. Look into booking an exam every year, and make sure your healthy smile is saying good things about you for years to come.

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