Do I Really Need my Wisdom Teeth Taken Out?


If an oral surgeon has recently recommended you have your wisdom teeth removed, you may be wondering how necessary this procedure actually is. While it is true that there are some cases in which it is not needed, many people wind up getting it done to avoid further complications down the line. A lot of dental clinics will recommend investing in wisdom teeth removal sooner, rather than later, as younger people generally recover faster and face less complications.

Learn more about the reasonings behind this surgery below.

Mouth Too Small

Typically, wisdom tooth removal comes down to running out of room in one’s mouth. If the teeth get stuck and cannot break through your gums on their own, you face a higher risk for cysts or infections. This is not good for your health and it isn’t good for the rest of your teeth, either. If they do break through partially, this is risky, as well. That back area of your mouth is harder to clean and maintain, leaving it more vulnerable to harmful bacteria.

Finally, when wisdom teeth don’t have enough room, they will put pressure on surrounding teeth as they break through, often causing damage. This can easily to lead to pain, gum disease, tooth decay, and more. It is not worth the suffering and extra expense down the line, which is why most dental clinics recommend getting them removed early to avoid big problems.

Not Experiencing Wisdom Tooth Pain?

If you have not experienced any wisdom tooth-related pain yet, that does not mean issues will not arise later on. A dentist or oral surgeon can take a look at your current state and determine whether or not tooth extractions might be necessary. In the case of wisdom teeth, it is typically advised to play it safe and have them removed before bigger problems start to occur.

Talk With Your Dentist Today

The best thing you can do to keep your gums, jaw, and molars healthy is to regularly visit your dentist and talk with an oral surgeon about your options. Tooth care is important and avoiding mouth-related pain is always the prefered route, so stay on top of it and speak a team of experts right away. It’s an easy step to take, and one you will be happy you made.

Not sure where to start? Check with your local dental clinics today and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The care you deserve is just a few short moves away.

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