7 Essential Tips in Finding a Good Dentist for Your Child


Your child deserves to have the best dental care possible.

However, it can be quite hard to find a dentist that can provide this.

Dentists follow the same standard procedures when doing any dental work. Still, the entire experience can be different from one dental office to the next.

That’s because each dentist offers a different kind of approach.

Some have very light hands, others are more firm. There are dentists that are great conversationalists and others just get everything done without too much talk.

What you need is a dentist that you and your child feel comfortable with on every visit.

Here are 7 essential tips that will help you narrow down the best dentist for your child.

1. Understand What Dental Work Is Needed

You don’t need to have a degree in dentistry to have a general idea of what your child needs.

Are your child’s teeth misaligned? Is she complaining about a toothache? Does a tooth need to be pulled?

While family dentists are great for regular dental checkups, orthodontists are more specialized in braces and other teeth alignment procedures.

Ideally, you shouldn’t wait for problems to happen before going to the dentist.

Even if you feel like your child has great teeth, it’s still important to have them checked by a dentist regularly. Many orthodontists say kids should see an orthodontist once their permanent teeth start coming in, around age 7.

2. Pick a Participating Provider

These days, most teens go to the dentist to have their teeth aligned. Did you know that the second most common reason for braces, besides aesthetics, is an overbite?

And this usually becomes obvious even at an early age.

Check your dental insurance if it includes such procedures. While some plans cover orthodontics, others don’t include dental work that is purely for cosmetics only.

Choose dentists that are members of your dental insurance network. This is especially important for preventive dental care such as cleanings.

3. Choose a Dentist That Is Accessible

It’s only practical to choose a dentist Hanover PA if you’re living in the same area. Having to go on long drives to get to the dental office can be quite a chore. It’s one of the main reasons why most people seldom have their teeth checked.

The excitement that you’ve built up on your child can go downhill if the dental office is located far away.

You also need to consider if their office hours are convenient for you and your child’s schedule. As much as possible, skipping classes should be avoided. Prioritize a dental office with convenient weekend hours.

4. Meet Your Child’s Dentist Beforehand

You don’t have to go to the dental office to get to know your child’s dentist beforehand. Go online and check the webpages of the dentists on your list.

Most, if not all, have a presence on the internet. If you can’t find a webpage, you can check social media networks such as Facebook.

Check their qualifications and their years of experience. Dentists who are on social media usually have patient reviews as well.

There’s also an option to make a phone call. Talking to staff on the phone will give you a better feel for what to expect on your first visit.

5. Evaluate the Dental Experience

There’s no lock-in period in dental services. You can easily switch to another dentist if you or your child is not comfortable with the current one.

Be sensitive to your child’s experience on every trip to the dentist.

If you have a good dentist, he would usually be able to offer up different approaches to a particular procedure you’re not comfortable with. Some even give better financing options if certain dental work is not covered by your insurance.

For instance, your dentist should be able to recommend several choices when deciding to pick a brace for your child. He should be able to discuss with you the difference between an Invisalign brace and a ceramic one.

A Good Dentist Makes Life Easier

Choosing the best dentist for your child goes a long way. For one, you won’t have to go through a lot of stress convincing your child to visit the dentist. Your child might not know the importance of these visits yet. However, as she grows up, she’ll feel very grateful to have a great dentist that takes care of her teeth.

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