5 Reasons Why You Should Visit an Orthodontist Today

Are you confident when you smile?

A protruding tooth or a wide gap between your teeth can do a lot of damage to your morale and lowers your self-esteem.

By visiting an orthodontist and receiving treatment for your teeth problems or simply having dental aesthetic improvements done can help a lot in boosting your confidence.

Today, some 4 million Americans are wearing braces, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. A common misconception of most people is that orthodontics is for kids and teens only. But the fact is that adults also need an orthodontic treatment, especially when experiencing dental problems that deteriorate the quality of everyday life.

Read on to check the reasons why you should go and see an orthodontist today.

1. Straighten Crooked Teeth

A lopsided or crooked smile can look cute, but having crooked teeth is not the same. Aside from not being pretty, crooked teeth can also cause speech problems because it affects the way you pronounce words. If you have this abnormal dental structure, your teeth are also more prone to decay.

We recommend getting professional help from an orthodontist to address this issue. Even if your crooked teeth don’t cause you any speech impediment, having straighter teeth will give you a better looking smile. Your overall oral health will also improve.

2. Fix Bite Issues

The second most common reason for braces, besides aesthetics, is an overbite. Otherwise known as buck teeth, an overbite is when your upper front teeth greatly overlaps the lower ones when you close your mouth. This can be easily corrected with the help of braces.

Other bite irregularities that need treatment include an underbite, crossbite, and open bite.

If you have any of these irregular bites, you should have it treated immediately. All these burdensome misalignments don’t look good and can also cause an onset of other oral issues. They can result to problems in speech, as well as teeth grinding and clenching.

3. Reduce the Gaps

It is natural for gaps to form between a person’s teeth. In a lot of cases, this is due to an extracted tooth that cause the other teeth to move around and fill the empty space left. Other times, it’s caused by bad habits such as using a toothpick the wrong way.

While some people have problems with their teeth spaced far apart, others have issues with overcrowded teeth.

Both of these problems can contribute to an unhealthy mouth. Not being able to brush or floss properly because of overcrowded teeth can lead to tooth decay, while gaps between teeth can cause gum diseases.

Dental braces can help solve these types of common teeth issues.

4. Treat Dental Complications

Did you know that when you clench your teeth, it can result to damage in your teeth and gums? You can also get headaches and serious jaw pain.

Most people also don’t realize that they tend to grind their teeth during sleep. Stress can cause these bad habits that contribute to dental problems.

While visiting a professional may not relieve your work stress, it will help in getting your oral complications treated the right way.

5. Boost Your Self-Esteem

When you don’t have any dental problems, you can smile with great confidence. It can uplift your spirit and boost your self-esteem.

While you’re still on braces, you can also feel an improvement in your self-confidence because you know that you’re on your way to a more beautiful smile.

In a recent study, it showed that 47% of Invisalign Teen users surveyed had a boost of self-esteem in the process of treatment compared to just 22% of teens with metal braces.

The Path To a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

Don’t let a useless paradigm limit your happiness in life. Compared to previous years, more and more adults are now going to orthodontists.

Whatever reason applies to you, this should be the first step you need to take today. If you take action, you will be thankful for it in the years to come. Whether you choose to go with traditional braces or with clear braces, you’ll be sure to have a great smile in just a few months’ time.

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