What is Extracting a Tooth Like?


When you need your tooth extracted, you might wonder what extracting a tooth is like. It can be daunting, but once you understand the procedure, it won’t seem so scary. Keep reading to learn a bit about the process of tooth extraction.

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The tooth will need to be extracted when it’s impacted. This is important for tooth, gum, and jaw health. The dentist will rock the tooth back and forth to loosen it from the gums and the jawbone using forceps. When a tooth is difficult to remove, it may need to be done in pieces.

Though you may have worries, you shouldn’t! Your tooth extraction should be painless with the right dentist. There will be a slight pinch from the needle when the area is numbed with an anesthetic, but after that, you should have no pain. If you feel pain, you have to let your dentist know.

Watch this video to see the process of extraction in action. That will help you feel better about the procedure. Make sure you trust your dentist to perform this procedure. Working with a dentist you don’t know or trust will only make it more difficult to go through with. Call a dentist today to schedule an appointment.


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