What Can Kids Expect From a Visit to the Dentist


All children feel a little apprehension when they have to visit the dentist. This video of what they can expect at a kids dentist can help to reduce some of the apprehension. This unique video about a visit to the kids’ dentist will give your child a video they can relate to because the presenter is a kid.

Video Source

Watch as this little girl visits the dentist and explains her experience in the dental chair. The tools that are used during the exam are discussed and how the kid feels about the tools.

If your little one is suffering from some anxiety about their dental appointment this video can help to ease some of their fears. As the little girl goes through the dental cleaning process and narrates her experience your child will be assured that everything will be okay at their next dental visit. The entire visit is recorded from exam to x-rays, to cleaning, and how the kid feels about each step in the process.

This video is a handy way to explain to your child what they can expect at their dental visit. Watch it together now.


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