Tips for Organizing an Outdoor Dental Clinic for Uninsured Families


What do you need to know to plan a successful outdoor dental clinic in your community? That question is what this video touches on in clear and concise detail. Hear from the experts and discover what you can and cannot do during your event and how you can make sure it is a safe and enjoyable event for everyone in attendance. These experts offer real-world tips and advice from their own experience hosting dental clinics and will address key things to consider as you plan and work with your team to make the event a success.

Whether you need to find the best options for porta potty rental in Merced, CA, how to let people know about your event, where to find donors and sponsors, or how to organize the event for a safe and smooth run, this video addresses it all.

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You will learn from the experts and see how successful dental clinics are run and what steps you can take now to ensure the success of your event when it launches.

Check out the video today and be sure to take notes. Then meet with your team and plan the best outdoor dental clinic possible for your community!

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