The Process of Deep Cleaning Teeth


Getting your teeth cleaning service is an extremely important and useful deterrent for cavities and periodontal disease. The biggest problem with some of the plaque and bacteria in your mouth is that some of them can’t be seen by the human eye or felt in your mouth. To see that bacteria and remove it, the dentist has to use a special dye that will cling to the bacteria.

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This dye is extremely cool because it shows you the age of the plaque on the teeth. The plaque remains dyed even when the excess is rinsed away. Therefore, the dentist knows that all of the plaque is gone once the color is full off of your teeth and they’re back to normal.

To get the plaque off of the teeth completely, the dentist will use a spray water jet that will force all of the plaque off of your teeth. Everntually, that microscopic layer of buildup will be completely washed away by the water mixture.

This is a much more gentle process than what dentists have done in the past. The water is very comfortable for the patient during the service especially when compared to the previous scraping method.


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