One Out Of Five Americans Has An Untreated Cavity Why You Should Stop By The Dentist’s Office Soon


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What are your options when it comes to a more beautiful and healthy smile?

Rather large, when you stop to think about it. The United States boasts a very individualistic relationship with the art of a nice smile, with many countries often characterizing the traveling American by how straight and white their teeth are. Unfortunately, this common characterization comes at a cost. American adults and children with crooked or yellow teeth can face a serious blow to their self-esteem, particularly if this visual marring is accompanied by hidden cavities or gingivitis.

A cosmetic dentist can help you with a dental implant cost, teeth whitening regimen or new set of braces to make sure you never miss out on the benefits of a nice smile again.


When you need reliable dentures, a family dental clinic will make sure you’re not just covered, but comfortable. The number of partially edentulous patients (that’s a more formal term for people in need of false teeth) will continue to increase over the next 15 years. It’s estimated over 200 million individuals will soon need false teeth in order to smile, talk and eat comfortably. A survey provided by AACD found nearly all adults believing a healthy smile is socially important. Your dental implant cost depends on your insurance, the amount of coverage needed and any surrounding issues.


These frustrating little issues can seemingly come out of nowhere and leave you a throbbing, aching mess. It’s estimated one out of every five Americans has one or more untreated cavities, with this figure increasing the poorer the individual. A recent study found the amount of untreated cavities increases exponentially among men, those with less than a high school education, current smokers and those living below the federal poverty level. Signs you have a cavity are throbbing pain, sensitivity and stabbing pains when you try to chew or swallow.


Crooked teeth can seem impossible to fix. Braces, thankfully, have come a very long way. When you don’t want your teeth further destroyed by a tangle of wires it’s important to seek out dentists who are up-to-date on the most recent teeth straightening technology. Invisalign is an appealing option for those that want to smile confidently throughout the day while still getting the straight, flawless teeth of their dreams. A survey found half of the American adult population agreeing that a smile is one of the few features that stays attractive even as we age.


Cosmetic dentistry is constantly seeking to improve the state of people’s teeth through methods more advanced than you’ll find over-the-counter. A survey similar to the one provided by AACD found nearly 75% of adults feel an unattractive smile isn’t just damaging to one’s self-esteem, but can actively hurt their career success. Over-the-counter products aren’t strong enough to truly strip the excess away from your teeth and can leave you both out-of-pocket and disillusioned with the results. Pairing your dental implant cost with a teeth whitening session will give you a much fuller package than if you had just gone with the one resource.

Finding A Cosmetic Dentist Or Family Dentist

Whether you want to know the amount of your dental implant cost or are tired of looking at brown spots on your teeth every time you wash up in the morning, a family dentist will steer you in the right direction. They won’t just offer you solutions to what’s ailing you, but will also provide deeper insight as to what’s causing the problem in the first place. Smokers often have to contend with stains on their teeth, while frequent caffeine drinkers can blame coffee or tea for yellowing. For those without insurance or switching plans there are low-income dental clinics that operate on a sliding scale fee.

You have plenty of options to have a more brilliant smile. Seek them out this year and grin with confidence once more.

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