All-On-4 Dental Implants


all on 4 dental implantsThere are several dental options available for those who have lost their teeth or are planning to remove the ones they have remaining. However, there are some cases where people are unable to receive a dental prosthetic because they have poor bone quality or it is too expensive to get treatment. Fortunately, there is a reliable and less expensive procedure called all on 4 dental implants that allow you to receive a new set of natural looking teeth.

With the all on 4 dental procedure, four dental implants are used per arch. Traditionally, there are 6 to 8, or more, implants that are utilized. Dental implants are usually a more comfortable solution than dentures and are more secure. They stabilize the bone around them, which maintains bone strength.

The dental implant used in the all in 4 procedure are titanium implants. Titanium has a unique ability to fuse with bone, which is what will make the dental implants sturdy. They are screw shaped and replace the root of the missing tooth. The root is the area beneath the gum where the tooth is housed. The implants are placed at an angle in the jawbone that allows for osseo-intergration (the fusing of the bone) to occur. After the procedure is complete and the implants are inserted, temporary teeth can be attached to them while the mouth heals. This healing process can take several months, but after it is complete, permanent and customized teeth can be installed.

These dental implants have several benefits:

Convenient and Inexpensive
In some cases, extraction and installation of the dental implants only takes a day to do. This process is very efficient because an implant installation isn’t required for each missing tooth. Because you do not have to do an implant for each individual tooth, this saves time and cuts costs. Furthermore, they do not have to be removed unlike their denture counterparts.

Perform like natural teeth
Dental prosthetic look and feel like natural teeth. Implant supported teeth require the same type of maintenance and oral hygiene that natural teeth require. Daily brushing and flossing is recommended.

After the implants are installed, it is recommended that you take it easy on the teeth. Try to avoid chewy or tough food for 6-8 weeks, just to give your body time to heal.

Unfortunately, being edentulous can have some serious consequences. When someoneone loses a tooth, they risk losing the bone that supported the tooth. Losing this support can eventually lead to functional problems within the jaws and a shortening in the lower face. This can also lead to your face becoming hollow and can add age to your face. Fortunately, implants are an option that not only look and feel natural, but restore the support needed for your bones, and can give your face a more youthful appearance.

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